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Authorised Distributor for Betex Induction Heater in Malaysia. Improve quality of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in Machines. Qet Quote!

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For safe, precise and quick mounting of bearings, bushings, sealing rings, cam wheels and pulleys the use of an Impact fitting tool set is an absolute necessity. Especially for bearings, it is important that during mechanical mounting the bearing is supported on its inner and outer ring in order to avoid unnecessary damage and premature failure.

In this way, mounting forces are not transmitted via balls or rollers of the bearings and hence the raceways are not damaged. By using the impact resistant plastic collets, made of unbreakable sheet material (instead of easily breaking injection moulded collets), metal to metal contact is avoided and also damaging of the shaft.

The sets can be used for bore diameters of 10 to 60 mm or parts thereof. Impact is also suitable for safe, precise and quick mounting of other machine parts, like bushings, sealing rings, cam wheels, and pulleys.

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