Tentec WTB Wind Turbine Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner


Product Type: Wind turbine, Bolt tensioner

Product Description

These feature-packed hydraulic bolt tensioner have been designed with rapid tensioning in mind and offer a safe, reliable and consistent method of simultaneously tensioning many bolts.

  • Automatic reset – Internal heavy duty springs automatically reset the tensioner once the pressure has been released
  • High life puller – All Aero WTB Hydraulic Bolt tensioner have a device that ensures the tool fails safely in the unlikely event of a puller failure
  • “Snap down” nut drive – To increase speed all Aero WTB Hydraulic Bolt tensioner are fitted with a spring loaded device that automatically engages the tensioner drive socket with the hexagon nut
  • Grip surface – For easy user handling
  • Optional cycle counter – For maintenance scheduling purposes all Aero WTB Tools offer an optional mechanical pressure cycle counter
  • Swivel connection – 360° swivel operation allows the hydraulic hoses to be positioned in the best possible position to allow open access to the tensioning tools
  • Geared nut run-down – The inclusion of a gear nut run-down mechanism offers a very rapid and consistent way of seating the hexagon nuts during the tensioning procedure
  • Best fit – The interchangeable profile cut spacer at the base of the tool gives the tensioner the flexibility to be used in many different applications
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