ABC Gasket Kit / Seal & Gasket


CTP develops, manufactures, and stocks a complete line of seals and gaskets for Caterpillar® equipment assembled into kits at our facilities. Gaskets are produced from Interface® materials that are all environmentally friendly, free of solvents and asbestos. CTP’s seals and gaskets are made with high technology tools to guarantee an exact dimension and a proper fit, reducing the risk of leakage and increasing their operational life. Customers are guaranteed to get high-quality gaskets and die cut parts at competitive prices with superior quality.

These are some of the seals and gasket products that we offer:

Wear Rings Metal Face Seals Metal Face Seals
Metal Face Seals Oil Seals Back-up Seals
Buffer Seals Crankshaft Seals Camshaft Seals
Hydraulic Seals Cork Gaskets Metal Gaskets
Paper Gaskets Rubber Gaskets Shims
Engine Gasket Kits Gasket kits for all Systems

The ABC Gasket Kit program is designed to consolidate gasket kits and make it easier for the parts person to order and for the rebuilder himself to quickly identify and organize their seals and gaskets. At the same time, they can be assured that everything they need is included for each particular rebuild. Kits are packaged into sub kits (front set, rear set, lower set, etc.) inside the gasket kit box for easy identification.