Komatsu® Parts

CTP recently expanded their product line with replacement parts now available for Komatsu excavators, dozers and wheel loaders:

Engine components Hardward Hydraulic System
Electrical System Seals and Gaskets Power Train
Bearings Filters Undercarriage / Frame & Body
Ground Engaging Tools Cooling System

Some Machines That are Covered

PC200’s PC200 LC-8 WA250’s WA250PZ-6 D51’s D51PX-22
PC200-8 WA250-6 D61’s D61EX-15
PC200 LC-7 WA250-5 D61PX-15
PC200-7 WA320’s WA320-7 D65’s D65EX-17
PC210’s PC210 LC-10 WA320-6 D65PX-17
PC210 LC-8 WA320-5 D65WX-17
PC220’s PC220 LC-8 D65EX-16
PC220 LC-7 WA320 D65EX-15E0
PC220 LC-6 D65EX-15
PC220 LC-5 WA380’s WA380-7 D65PX-15
PC300’s PC300 LC-8 D65EX-12
PC300 LC-7 WA380-6 D155’s D155AX-7
PC300 LC-6 D155AX-6
PC360’s PC360 LC-10 WA380-5 D155AX-5

Replacement parts include:

Komatsu Turbocharger
For a great engine performance, look no further than CTP Turbochargers for Komatsu. They produce more power, providing significant improvements in your engine’s efficiency. See an increase in horsepower and airflow in your engine.

You may refer to specifications chart to learn more or contact us for the full listing.