Portable Induction
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22 Eldi Portable


Product Type:
Bearing housing, Portable, Bearing heater

The 22 ELDi portable bearing heaters are a new professional type of induction hand tool such as drive components, bearing housings,  bolts, nuts, pipes and small surfaces can be heated locally. Thanks to the precise heating the surroundings retain a normal temperature. Stuck parts that are heated will expand and loosen.

Portable bearing heaters for use in the workshop and on site:

  • Min. ID Ø: 10 mm
  • Max. OD Ø: 240 mm
  • Max. width: 120 mm
  • Automatic demagnetisation
  • Automatic power reduction
  • Including 5 yokes
  • Shoulder strap
  • Max. bearing weight: 20 kg
  • Max. weight other parts: 10 kg


  • Technical services
  • MRO organisation