2-stage Double Acting Gas Booster

The Hydratron 2-Stage Double Acting Air Driven Gas Booster is a reciprocating, positive displacement gas pump with a directly coupled, integral linear reciprocating air motor, designed to generate High-Pressure Gas output. With double acting models, the pressure increase is made possible by means of the area ratio between the larger diameter air drive piston directly connected to two smaller diameter gas pistons having differing diameters to each other. The reciprocating action of the gas booster draws gas at low pressure into the booster then displaces the gas at a higher pressure output from the booster into a closed system.

On 2-Stage Double Acting models, the inlet gas pressure is used to provide additional energy allowing lower inlet pressures, higher output pressures, and higher flow rates to be achieved. When using a 2-Stage Double Acting Gas Booster, care must be taken to ensure that the outlet pressure remains lower than the maximum supply pressure multiplied by the combined area ratio of the 2 Gas pistons since this can cause “interstage stall”. To avoid this, the inlet gas pressure can simply be reduced. All Models can easily be incorporated into easy to operate Standard System gas power/transfer units.


Key Features

  • Ability to suspend at a predetermined pressure and hold this fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat
  • No risk of flame or spark
  • Infinitely variable speed/output flow rate control
  • Infinitely variable output pressure control
  • Standard models are suitable for oil or water applications
  • Isolation chamber for Chemical applications
  • No limit or adverse effects in continuous stop/start applications
  • Proven reliability, easy to maintain and robust


2-Stage Double Acting Gas Booster Models & Performance

Model Number
Intel Pressure
Outlet Pressure
Data Sheet
Psi Bar Psi Bar SCFM N Ltr/min
GBD7/33 120 8 2,400 166 6.94 196 Download
GBD15/66 200 14 4,000 276 6.38 181 Download
GBD33/118 500 34 10,000 690 5.76 163 Download
GBD66/186 1,000 69 15,000 1034 7.52 213 Download


Max Output Pressure @ 100 psi (7bar) Air Drive
Max Compression Ratio
Supply Pressure For Max Output Pressure
Actual Output Pressure (Stall Condition)
Data Sheet
Psi Bar Cu Ins cc’s Psi Bar
GBD7/33 5,700 393 35.8 586.9 60:1 510 35 33PA+4.7PS Download
GBD15/66 9,000 621 17.6 288.4 60:1 545 38 66PA+4.4PS Download
GBD33/118 14,200 979 7.8 127.9 50:1 685 47 118PA+3.5PS Download
GBD66D/186 21,000 1,448 4.0 65.6 40:1 857 59 186PA+2.8PS Download